Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
The South Dakota Solid Waste Management Association provides scholarships annually to students with directed studies relating to the protection and enhancement of our natural resources and environment, and/or the solid waste industry or similar fields. Preference will be given to: South Dakota residents intending study at South Dakota institutions of higher learning, vocational school, or other post-secondary trade school; high school seniors and students enrolled full time or part time in a South Dakota post-secondary school.  Students who have received an SDSWMA scholarship in the past are eligible to apply each year although preference will be given to new applicants. Children and spouses of Scholarship Committee members are not eligible.

How many scholarships are awarded annually and what are the dollar amounts of these scholarships?
The SDSWMA normally awards 2 - 3 scholarships annually; however, more may be awarded depending on the number of applications received and available funds. The scholarships generally range from $1000 to $2000.  In 2018, a total of $8,000 was awarded between 4 students!

How do I apply?
An applicant must submit a letter of application addressing the information requested on the scholarship application notice.

When is the application deadline?
Applications must be postmarked or submitted by January 15.

What types of coursework or degrees are considered "environmental" or "supporting fields"?
Studies relating to the protection and enhancement of our natural resources and environment, and/or the solid waste industry or similar fields will be considered.

How is the SDSWMA Scholarship funded?
The fund was started with seed money from the Association. The SDSWMA Scholarship Fund has continued to grow with donations.

Can I make a tax deductible contribution to the Scholarship Fund in memory of a colleague or family member?
SDSWMA is a 501c6 Non-profit Corporation. Consult your tax advisor to determine if your contribution is tax deductible. To make a contribution send check and explanation to: SDSWMA Scholarship Fund, PO Box 89802, Sioux Falls, SD  57109.  Beginning in 2014, all donations and fundraising income (from the previous year) is paid out in scholarships. Your contributions go directly to students!

Why should I be interested in contributing to the SDSWMA Scholarship Fund?
It is important to impress upon young people the value of a career in the protection and enhancement of our natural resources, the environment, and solid waste industries. One way to do that is to make scholarships available. The fact that the solid waste industry and association are willing to provide scholarships certainly makes an impression on students and the academic community that South Dakota's Solid Waste industry is serious about fostering the educational principles involved in and related to our industry.