Recycling Tips and Help for Public Education with a Commingled Stream
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Public Space Recycling
Concessionaires & Vendors Concessionaires and vendors are vital partners to successful venue recycling. They, along with the venue management team and staff, can contribute significantly to a recycling program.
  • Waste Reduction
  • Education
  • Follow-up
  • Special Events

Follow this link to get more information on how you can work towards a Public Space Recycling Program. This Keep America Beautiful site provides tips, guidance and sample documents to download and use: link

Facing the Reality of Recycling Economics | Waste360   Michele Nestor is the President of Nestor Resources Inc  8/2016

Can We Rescue Glass Recycling?    Read more:  Waste 360 Article – Feb. 4, 2016

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources provides technical assistance with solid waste planning and waste minimization projects. DENR’s recycling coordinator is Nick Emme. For specific questions you can contact him at 605-773-3153. You can also check out DENR’s Recycling links: Click here.

HB 1121 (SDCL 34A-6-63.1.) passed during the 2007 legislative session streamlines the process for the sale of recyclable materials and landfill byproducts by exempting them from the surplus property and bid laws. This new law went into effect in July 2007.


Other Links of Interest
RePurposed Industrial and Commercial Materials    This facility is in Denver, Colorado.  Great resource for businesses looking to market reusable materials instead of disposing of them!