Legislative Issues


Effective October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024

2023-1      The SDSWMA supports training of landfill operators and operator certification.  The SDSWMA encourages the state to continue funding the training program for landfill operators in conjunction with SDSWMA.

2023-2      The SDSWMA urges the funds collected from the solid waste per ton fee and the tire fee to continue to remain for its intended use for solid waste disposal, recycling, and waste tire cleanup activities as specified by statue with a maximum of $0.25 of the collected per ton solid waste fees being dedicated to Waste Management Program Administration.

2023-3      The SDSWMA believes the main emphasis of environmental protection should be information and assistance to local and state entities and education of the general public.  Greater communication between the regulators and regulated community will facilitate greater compliance.  This will require upfront discussion of future issues and potential changes.  The Association urges the state and federal government to fully fund programs and provide technical assistance for planning and implementing programs and regulations established by state and federal laws.

2023-4      The SDSWMA supports the existing Solid Waste Management Grant/Loan Program and underscores the importance of the program for future environmentally sound solid waste management.

2023-5      The SDSWMA supports volume reduction, recycling, and reuse as described in South Dakota Codified Law, Chapter 34A-6. This includes but is not limited to recycling, source reduction, reuse and composting of material which otherwise would be disposed of within landfills throughout South Dakota.

2023-6      SDSWMA supports manufacturer and producer responsibility for product stewardship.

2023-7      SDSWMA supports recycling but not a bottle bill due to the detrimental impact a bottle bill may have on existing recycling infrastructure.

2023-8      SDSWMA supports an appropriation in the Omnibus Bill for waste tire cleanup and disposal.

2023-9      SDSWMA strongly supports a statewide study to determine up-front and end impacts of utilizing any waste (including tires) presently being landfilled, as refuse derived fuel or process engineered fuel.  These impacts must include the economic impacts on landfills related to tonnage decreases, long term impacts related to ash disposal and logistics to determine feasible operating locations.

2023-10     The SDSWMA supports the award of grants and loans from the existing Solid Waste Management Grant/Loan Program based solely on the merit of the grant or loan application without regard to the commercial, for-profit, non-profit or public sector nature of the requestor.

2023-11     SDSWMA supports action by SDDANR to update the current solid waste regulations (ARSD74:27), in close cooperation with the SDSWMA prior to public notice.