Advertising Rates

Rates (includes advertising in Material Matters and web)
2″x3.5″ Business Card $110.00/year
2″x4″ $118.00/year
3″x3″ $128.00/year
4″x4″ $185.00/year
5.5″x8″ $400.00/year
8″x11″ $675.00/year
Email your advertising information to SDSWMA. Ads will be published in two newsletters and posted to the website ( for one year following receipt of payment. Submit payment, your business card and a copy of this form to:
Attention: Newsletter Advertising
PO Box 89802
Sioux Falls, SD 57109
Contact Melissa Fahy, Executive Director, SDSWMA Email or (605) 216-3256.

Newsletter submittal deadlines:
Spring Newsletter: February 15
Summer Newsletter: May 15
Fall Newsletter: August 15
Winter Newsletter: November 15

“Material Matters” is prepared by the staff and members of SDSWMA. The “Material Matters” is published on a Quarterly basis. Subscriptions are free to members and South Dakota Legislators. Obtain your membership application by writing to the above address or by logging on to