Annual Awards

South Dakota Solid Waste Management Association has four awards available for outstanding achievement in the South Dakota Solid Waste Industry annually. These awards are presented during the annual conference and trade show. The four awards are described below. Submit nominations separately for each award. Nominations must include the name of the award, name of nominee and a quarter page write-up explaining why this nominee deserves this award.

Award Descriptions:
Career Achievement Award
This award is given to a person, industry, business, or community who has promoted environmentally sound solid waste management practices throughout their careers. This may be through promoting recycling, practicing waste prevention, waste reduction, improving waste handling methods, designing waste handling facilities, providing equipment and services, or any other work they have done that directly and indirectly affects the solid waste industry.

Innovation Award
This award goes to a person, industry, business, or community who has, through work practices, equipment and materials supply, engineering design, waste handling, facility design, or other means, demonstrated new and improved ways of achieving environmentally sound solid waste management practices.

Local Champion Award
The local champion has gone above and beyond, within the solid waste industry, to supply exemplary economical, environmentally sound services to customers.

Pinch of Seagull Sh...Award
This award goes to someone who has suffered from “sh.. happening” in the last year. At some point in our careers, everyone experiences a situation that they have no control over. This is a therapeutic award given to help “get over it and move on”.

Please submit your nominations for these awards no later than August 23, 2019 so plaques and certificates can be prepared.

Submit nominations to any board member (Access board member info here), by by email to

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